The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is committed to making the Festival experience the best we possibly can for all of our patrons, including those with special needs. 

  1. Our site offers designated parking for theatergoers with special needs.
  2. Our "people mover," or golf cart, can bring theatergoers from the parking lot or 
    Box Office to the theater tent. Wheelchairs for use on the grounds are available
    on request.
  3. We provide assigned ground-floor seating, adjacent to aisles, for our patrons
    with special needs. We can also accommodate a number of wheelchairs in
    our seating area, now designated on our seating plans.
  4. We provide accessible restrooms at the theater tent site and at the Box Office
    for our patrons.

Please call the HVSF Box Office in advance to make reservations and discuss preparations for your visit at 845-265-9575.