FAQs for Buying Tickets

If you encounter a problem during the ticket ordering process, please email the box office at boxoffice@hvshakespeare.orgfor assistance. Box office staff will get back you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

Q: Any advice for a Mac user?

A: Note for Mac users: When ordering tickets, please select "Best Available" when you access the ticket ordering page.

Q: What are some helpful hints for completing ticket orders?

A: Please check that you have the correct discounts before finalizing your order. We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges on finalized transactions.

Please note that Family Night Discounts are only available for a minimum of 4 tickets.

If you encounter a problem using a Gift Certificate please email the box office at boxoffice@hvshakespeare.orgfor assistance before finalizing your order.

Q: What is the best way to find seats for a group of people?

A: If your group is large, consider dividing up the seats to find the best seating options. You could allow the computer to select the best available, or you can choose how you would like your group to be seated:

When selecting "OK to separate seats," and then hitting "best available”, it will find the best available. Depending on how busy that show is, it can be several outcomes, a few together or even all of the seats on their own because you are allowing separation and best available.

If someone wants to split seats, but wants to decide how to split them, it is best to choose "ok to separate seats," and then "Choose seats," not “best available” so that the computer won’t do it for you and you can see the different options.

Q: Why doesn’t the Early Bird Discount apply to my order?

A: When selecting performances from June 10 to July 6 (by June 4) an Early Bird Discount of 15% off will appear on the discount options screen when purchasing tickets. It should automatically default as the selected discount. If it does not appear to do so, type in the number of seats in the blank box next to Early Bird in order to apply this discount.

Q: How do I order a subscription?

A: Please click on the following link, which will take you through the process of ordering any of the following packages: Preview Bargain, Early Weeknight, Monday Night.


Q: Why are the seats different colors on the seating map?

A: The different colors on the seating map designate seats as sold or as available. Click on the radial button of the section in which you want to sit (e.g. center, side, restricted view, partially restricted view). This is located to the right of the discount options page.  The seats in the section you are viewing will be displayed.  The colored circles are available: these circles are orange in the center section and pink in the side sections, while the white circles are sold. Circles with yellow backgrounds represent restricted view seating while circles with brown backgrounds represent partially restricted seating.

Q:  Why can’t I select Wheelchair accessible seating online?

A: Wheelchair accessible seating is available every show night, but is limited. Please email us at boxoffice@hvshakespeare.org and leave the best number to contact you, or call the box office at 845-265-9575. Someone will be glad to assist you.

Q: Can you accommodate patrons who have wheelchairs and/or walking difficulties at the tent?

A: We have handicap parking available at Boscobel’s upper parking lot. If you or a friend need help getting to the tent from any of the parking areas, please notify the box office or parking staff on arrival. We will send for a golf cart to pick you up!

Q: What age is considered Senior? Student? Child?

A:The Senior Discount applies to those aged 65+. The Student Discount applies to those between the age of 13 and 18, or with a valid student ID. Children under the age of 5 are not admitted to our performances.