Teachers’ Workshops

Promote communication, collaboration, and confidence in your classroom.

"While not always a comfortable performer, I appreciate being forced into a student's assignment, so I can know instrinsically how it will feel for a student. It makes me aware of the ease and difficulty students may face."

Great For: All Educators
Price: $750 per Workshop
Availability: Year-Round
Block Booking: Combine with our Teachers' Shakespeare Institute or a Students' Workshop for $725-$3,425
Contact: Nora Rosoff, Associate Director of Education at (845) 809-5750 x13 or nora@hvshakespeare.org
More Info: View our Brochure

Our workshops are designed to help teachers make Shakespeare fun and accessible within the classroom! Programs are structured around a Shakespeare text and will enable teachers to integrate theater-based activities into their curriculum in order to engage students with Shakespeare’s stories. One-day Resource Workshops can be held in classrooms, auditoriums, or comparable spaces year-round.


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