Love Never Dies In Memory:
A Post-Electric Bake-Off

Created by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel, the Bake Off is a communal writing event in which writers are given a random list of “ingredients” to incorporate into a play (for example: a kitchen sink, a front porch, and a withheld secret) to help inspire creativity and give writers permission to play.

In preparation for the Community Bake-Off on November 5 & 6, we invite our neighbors to participate in free community Playwriting Workshops this September! Everyone has an idea for a story; don’t miss the chance to bring your story to life! Led by Christine Scarfuto, Acting Director of the MFA playwriting program at Hunter College, these two-hour workshops will feature exercises that teach citizen writers the basics of playwriting and storytelling.

Presented in partnership with Mid-Hudson Library System and Warner Library (Tarrytown, NY).