Citizen playwrights, lend us your stories! This season, the HVSF Community Bake-Off centers around the theme of Coming Home — a return from war, a new life in a new place, or defining the people, places, and things that make a home. Come see the work of your neighbors read by professional actors from the HVSF company!

No One Left by Claudia Añel: A new beginning and reluctant homecoming collide to produce a wistful snapshot of loss and connection.

Two Can Play by Jeffery Battersby: A night out takes some unexpected turns for two old friends connecting over a card game.

Paved Over by Samantha Behr: A character driven study of change and our desires to both resist and seek it, spanning three generations unhindered by time or place.

Returning from Hades in the Age of Aquarius by William Lemanski: A commercial airline trip conveying two soldiers home from the Vietnam War slips in and out of disaster.

A Dog Named Wolf by Celia Reissig: A poignant reflection on family and finding home from the perspective of a young, first-generation Argentinian immigrant.

Penelope and Those Dang Suitors by Megan Shea: A humorous, gender-bending take on Homer’s Odyssey that’s some parts southern gothic, some parts slapstick, and no less epic.

The Return of the Clogged Sink by James Shearwood: A quiet but potent look at one father-son relationship that’s as loving as it is tense, set in a cramped New York City apartment.