Kate Hamill & Jason O'Connell

An artistic home for them, and for you.

At the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, everything we do springs from the relationship between the actors and YOU, the audience. We believe passionately in this most Shakespearean of connections to bring different people together, to develop our innate powers of empathy and imagination, and to remind us that we are not alone, but a part of a community.

And so, as we ask for your support at the end of a joyful season under the tent, we want to put you in direct conversation with two of our artists, Kate Hamill and Jason O'Connell, who played Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy in Kate's world premiere adaptation of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE this summer. In the video below, this real-life Lizzy and Darcy describe their unique experiences of our home at HVSF, The Tent:



PRIDE playwright & actor

HVSF actors, 9 seasons

"All of my produced plays got their start at HVSF's new play reading series before moving on to New York and national stages. As a writer, to have a home that gives me a built-in impetus to create, where I feel there is a platform for inclusive storytelling that is highly theatrical, exuberant, and irreverent,  is very special. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is about relationships and opening your heart, and we all created it together, here at HVSF. So in a way, the hearts of this audience and this space will always be in this script. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE will forever be shaped by the fact that its first home was here at HVSF." "In my nine years here, HVSF has become my home. There's a real sense of communion under the tent, a connection between the place and the audience and the actor. That's partly because the audience's feet are on the very same ground as the actors'. Also, when you're on this stage, you see everyone. That's not the case in most theaters. I relish the opportunity to transform myself in front of these audiences... To capture their imaginations in a new way. As actors, we walk into this tent to work each night and we know that something different is going to happen. Something exciting. We're going to be honest, and truthful, and alive."


If you, too, cherish the experience of sharing space with friends and strangers alike, and partaking together in the greatest stories ever written; if, like Kate and Jason, you think of HVSF as a kind of artistic home for you and your family, we hope you will make a generous gift today to help us continue inspiring artists and audiences, now and in the years to come. Thank you! Give Today >


Video content was filmed at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Theater Tent on the grounds of historic Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison, NY. Production videography by Crystal Arnette - Adventure We Can and Joshua Johnson.