Dear Friends,


A year that we will most assuredly never forget. Zoom and other virtual platforms replaced actual human interaction – no opera, no dance, no concerts, no theater. And though I am grateful, it cannot replace being together under HVSF’s canopy of the tent beneath the star-filled Hudson Valley sky.

Since the mid-90s, my husband, Kurt Rhoads, and I have been privileged to spend many summers performing in some of the greatest plays ever written, speaking lines from characters that have shaped our thinking, opened our hearts, curated empathy for joys and sorrows far beyond our own experience…and just had plain fun. These summers have been rich in collaboration to bring plays to life for you – our audience.

Without you, there is no theater. In our many years with HVSF, we have seen a lot of changes. But some things don’t change — the look in a child’s face sitting in the front row, that feeling when something happens and we all breathe as one, laugh as one, feel as one.

Thank you for being a part of HVSF’s audiences and for your unwavering support. Please consider supporting HVSF with a gift to help us come back stronger than ever next season!

I just wanted to thank you for your support for the Festival. I hope you are able, in this year of isolation, to continue to support a place where we come together as one in our beautiful Hudson Valley. Hope to see you soon. Stay healthy. And thank you.

Nance Williamson & Kurt Rhoads