Dear Friends,

RIP VAN WINKLE is a part of HVSF’s Full Circle Community Engagement program, a year-round initiative to build and sustain community through radically participatory art-making. This production was created from hundreds of small acts of generosity and courage by volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including 152 workshop participants, 42 actors and musicians, 33 community builders working on sets and costumes, and 17 community partner organizations, as well as limitless energy and support from individuals and communities across the Hudson Valley. Through Full Circle, we act on our mission to engage the widest possible audience, and on our belief that creativity belongs to everyone.

Our hopes are high for Full Circle: to connect more people to each other and to the life of our theater company, not just as audience members but as co-creators, and to keep citizen-driven productions like this one free. Please consider a donation today to support the future of community engagement programming at HVSF. Because the impulse to make something out of nothing belongs to everyone; because when we are creative together, our communities are stronger, more resilient, more compassionate; because acts of courage and generosity are contagious; and because being a part of something larger than ourselves satisfies one of our most universal human needs.

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