The River & Art in the Hudson Valley

The theme for our 2020 Community Bake-Off playwriting series is “Mahicantuck, The River that Flows Both Ways.” The name highlights the fact that the Hudson River is more than a river, it is a tidal estuary, an arm of the sea where the salty seawater meets fresh water running off the land. The river is the defining natural feature of our region, and has long been a powerful inspiration to the people who live here.

Join HVSF’s Sean McNall for a talk with Curtis Zunigha, The Lenape Center, and Paul Gallay, Riverkeeper, on their organizations’ passion for the river and how artists have drawn creative and spiritual inspiration from this geological phenomenon.

Hadrien Coumans had previously been announced as one of the speakers for this talk.

Please Note: We will be recording the audio from this talk to release at a later date.