Sail ho!

The “Dastardly Villain” of Peter Pan fame gets his turn at the helm in John Leonard Pielmeier’s charming, coming-of-old-age tale. A host of characters lead our antihero, Captain James Hook, along life’s weighty arc–from Youth through Maturity and inevitable Mortality–and the notorious pirate’s story begins to look far different from that penned by J.M. Barrie. “The same audiences who pretend to save a supercilious fairy’s life by applause,” Hook laments, “either laugh at me as piratical clown or sneer at me as Devil Incarnate.” Discover something deeper in this Wicked-esque treatment of Barrie’s high-seas marauder.

HVSF2 is Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s popular new works series, featuring contemporary plays read by HVSF company members and other professional actors before hitting mainstages across the country.