2021 Selected Plays

On the Cusp 
by Beks Freeman
As the moon, Pisces, Mars, and Venus bemoan the fate of humanity, Earth defends her inhabitants and the ephemeral beauty of their existence.

by Callum Lane
As they hunker down in their homes over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, three friends try to make sense of what has become of the world.

The Ways of Water 
by Holli Harms
Roy is lost. Roy is suffering. Roy knows he should move on, but how can he?

Welcome to the Academy 
by Eugenie Milroy
A conference of birds celebrates being taken off the endangered species list…until they realize they are extinct.

Earth Cure 
by Serena Norr
Scientists have discovered a miraculous cure for pollution. Or have they? A cautionary tale.

The Visitor 
by Lincoln Alpern
An interplanetary visitor comes to an Earth on the brink of collapse, and there finds a scientist rich with resources thought to have been lost long ago: resilience, and hope.

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