How do I pick up my tickets?

At HVSF, we hand out all tickets at Will Call. They’ll be available to pick up two hours before the performance at the Will Call table, just outside the Visitor Center.

Can I bring my kid?

We welcome children 5 and over, and we have Child (5-12) and Student (13-18) Discounts available most nights! Because small children can be unpredictable audience members, we do not allow children under 5 years of age under the tent.

It’s flooding! It’s burning up! Is our performance cancelled?

Nope! We believe in the power of theater, and we go on rain or shine. If the weather gets too noisy, we may hold for an extended moment, but we do not cancel performances due to weather. The performance tent is grounded, which keeps our audiences safe from lightning storms, and if there are other serious weather concerns, we do have safety plans in place and our amazing Front-of-House team will keep you safe. More often than not, crazy weather makes for an even more special evening of live theater. If you’re especially concerned about a trying evening outdoors, check the 10-day weather forecast and keep in mind our new Exchange Policy that allows exchanges with as little as one week’s notice.

The traffic from Westchester is crazy! What happens if I arrive late?

Folks who arrive after a performance has begun will be seated in the back of the house at an opportune moment determined by the production, and can take their original seats at intermission.

Can I bring my sandwich and sangria under the tent?

Yes! For safety, we don’t allow glass under the tent, but anything else is good to go.

What’s the view like from a Partial/Obstructed seat?

Partial and Obstructed tickets are seats that have one of our tent support posts in their line of vision to the stage. Because of this, we discount them. Here are some examples:

Partial Views

Obstructed Views