purple and blue crown icon with disco tile detailing in front of an armor-inspired disco background

By Whitney White
Directed by Shana Cooper
Adapted from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI and Richard III

“What does it take to survive? Everything. It takes everything.”

By The Queen is a sharp, humorous and of-the-moment look at Shakespeare’s story of the War of the Roses, through the lens of one extraordinary woman’s reflections on her remarkable life. From her roots as a provincial princess of France, to her ascension to the all-powerful Queen of England and then her eventual downfall, the character of Queen Margaret is the ultimate survivor in a country coming apart at the seams. By The Queen received its world premiere last year at Trinity Repertory in Providence, RI.


Gold round spectacles reflect the shadows of 6 party goers dancing in 1920s-style clothing. An iconic mustache hovers with the spectacles over a green background.

The World Premiere of
By Heidi Armbruster
Directed by Ryan Quinn
Adapted from Agatha Christie

“Everyone has something to hide.”

The murder of Roger Ackroyd sends shockwaves through the tight-knit community of King’s Abbot, a drowsy village now awash with suspicion and secrecy. Not to fear — a certain mustachioed Belgian detective is on the case! This highly theatrical adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1926 masterpiece delves deep into the human psyche’s intricate dance with truth and deception, re-inventing the pleasures of the theatrical whodunit with HVSF’s signature playful and freewheeling style.


orange icon of woman screaming with no eyes. Her hair is flames and there is a Basqiat-style crown behind her head. The background is graffiti-style text from the prologue of the play.

The World Premiere of
By Luis Quintero
Co-Conceived and Directed by Nathan Winkelstein
Adapted from Euripides in Co-production with Red Bull Theater and Bedlam

“There’s more to her than anyone could ever infer –
You can kick my words to the curb. I think it’s time that we heard from her.”

An ice-cold, high-octane adaptation of Euripides’ play written in battle rap verse, this brand-new hip-hop version of Medea sheds contemporary light on the classic tragedy of family, power, and revenge – as terrifying and shocking today as it was two thousand years ago. Quintero’s version of the story reignites the sacred rage of our ancestors and illuminates in the most human terms the extraordinary lengths that some people will travel to even the scales of justice.


HVSF 2 Presents

By: Aaron Posner
Based On An Old Play By: Anton Chekhov
Directed By: Davis McCallum
By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: Orlando Pabotoy

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