We believe that the greatest learning experience we can provide is one that invites students to approach the plays as actors do: as a company of artists that uses active, exploratory problem-solving techniques to develop a greater understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare’s stories, characters, and language. As teaching artists, we seek out ways to make language absolutely essential to this performative process, so that finding one’s voice in the lines of Shakespeare is exciting and rewarding for all learners.

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The central mission of Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Education is to engage people of all ages with Shakespeare’s plays and empower a diverse audience to explore his texts in the here and now through interactive programs and innovative performances. We aim to educate a new generation of theater artists through rigorous training and immersion in our unique approach to Shakespeare, emphasizing actor, audience, and text. HVSF Education Programs are designed to support the Common Core standards. Those New York State Public Schools that participate in the arts in education service from BOCES will be eligible to receive New York State aid for the program, if the program is processed through the service.

2016 – 2017 Education & Outreach Annual Report

21,000 elementary, middle, and high school students attended our Fall and Spring touring productions. 33,000 more participated in our in-school workshops and residencies. 5,400 children and families joined us for summer enrichment and community engagement programs. 200 artists and educators participated in our training programs. Go beyond the numbers and find out how HVSF encourages students, educators, artists, and audiences to find their own voice through our programs and performances.

Annual Report