Artistic Director Davis McCallum
dmccallum (at)

Managing Director Katie Liberman
kliberman (at) | 845.809.5750 x11

Associate Artistic Director and Director of Education Sean McNall
smcnall (at) | 845.809.5750 x19

Finance Director Linda Patterson
lpatterson (at) | 845.809.5750 x21

Director of Development Catherine Taylor-Williams
ctwilliams (at) | 845.809.5750 x12

Director of Marketing and Communications Emma Corey
ecorey (at) | 845.809.5750 x17

Director of Community Engagement/Associate Producer Elizabeth Audley
eaudley (at) | 845.809.5750 x18

Associate Director of Education Nora Wilcox
nora (at) | 845.809.5750 x13

Production Manager Mike Vandercook
mvandercook (at)

Development Associate Jena Hershkowitz
jhershkowitz (at) | 845.809.5750 x16

Business Manager Regina Boscia
rboscia (at) | 845.809.5750 x14