Even without the physical tent to bring us together, we’re rolling out events with fascinating and talented artists.

Join us every other Wednesday afternoon for conversations about HVSF and what makes Shakespeare so essential. Familiar faces will share memories from their time under the tent and insights about their ongoing work.

Adapting for the Stage

Wednesday, July 22, 3-3:45pm

In anticipation of our upcoming HVSF2 development reading series launching in August, acclaimed playwrights Will Power, Heidi Armbruster, and Erin Shields will join us to talk about the process of adapting for the stage.

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Please Note: We will be recording the audio from this talk to release at a later date.


The River & Art in the Hudson Valley

Wednesday, July 8, 3-3:45pm

The theme for our 2020 Community Bake-Off playwriting series is “Mahicantuck, The River that Flows Both Ways.” The name highlights the fact that the Hudson River is more than a river, it is a tidal estuary, an arm of the sea where the salty seawater meets fresh water running off the land.

The river is the defining natural feature of our region, and has long been a powerful inspiration to the people who live here.

Join HVSF’s Sean McNall for a talk with Curtis Zunigha, The Lenape Center, and Paul Gallay, Riverkeeper, on their organizations’ passion for the river and how artists have drawn creative and spiritual inspiration from this geological phenomenon.

Ryan Quinn & Christine Scarfuto

Wednesday, June 24, 3-3:45pm

Ryan Quinn, our 2020 Bake-Off Director, and dramaturg Christine Scarfuto will join us to talk about their history with HVSF, collaborating on this year’s Bake-Off, and the challenges + opportunities online staging can create.

Christine has facilitated HVSF’s Bake-Off for several years. Ryan, before directing, spent eight seasons acting under the HVSF tent — most recently in 2016’s OUR TOWN.

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Gabra Zackman

Actor, Writer, & Voice Over Artist

Wednesday, June 10, 3-3:45pm
Along with acting and writing, HVSF Alum Gabra Zackman has had a parallel career in audiobook narration. She has recorded over 300 audiobooks to date. Gabra describes herself as a “multidisciplinary storyteller.” Join her and HVSF Associate Artistic Director, Sean McNall, for a conversation about the convergence of acting and audio storytelling. www.gabrazackman.com

Zack Fine

Actor, Teacher, Creator, Clown
Please Note: We had previously announced Gabra Zackman as the guest on this date. Gabra’s TENT TALK has been moved to June 10.

Wednesday, May 27, 3-3:45pm
HVSF Alum Zack Fine and HVSF Director of Education, Sean McNall, will chat about keeping your imagination alive and active during a pandemic. The pair have acted together at HVSF in 2016’s MEASURE FOR MEASURE and have collaborated on a number of shows.

Kate Hamill & Jason O’Connell

Wednesday, May 13, 3-3:45pm
We are kicking off the series with HVSF favs Kate Hamill and Jason O’Connell — the actors, playwrights, and real-life couple (married this past January) will regale us with stories from their previous seasons with HVSF, what it takes to adapt a classic, and more!